The Oncology Outpatient Clinic Has New Treatment Chairs

Every day, the HMR Oncology Outpatient Clinic welcomes some one hundred patients for treatments relating to their condition, including chemotherapy that sometimes lasts up to eight hours.

In order to improve patient comfort, the HMR Foundation (FHMR) launched an appeal for donations to buy new treatment chairs.

Hundreds of donors spontaneously responded to this campaign. The FHMR also benefited from the immense generosity of the Fondation DAmours, which donated an outstanding $200,000. In total, the HMR Foundation was able to buy 45 treatment chairs. These chairs greatly improve the comfort of patients undergoing treatment over long periods.

In fact, it is this very concrete experience that inspired the Fondation DAmours: The mother of the D’Amours family was treated for cancer at the HMR for six long years. Her daughter Julie explains: “The extraordinary oncology team cared for her, never gave up, supported her and was at her side the whole time. For our mother, the medical team played a very important role throughout her stay.” The D’Amours family became painfully aware of how urgently these chairs were needed. “Patient comfort is vital.”


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