The Integrated Cancer Centre (ICC)

A veritable human and medical breakthrough is about to become a reality with the HMR Integrated Cancer Centre, the only centre in Quebec to offer cutting-edge cellular therapy treatment.

The mortality rate of cancers is higher in the East of Montreal than in other parts of the city. The number of diagnoses is increasing and the need to improve cancer patient care and to offer them a welcoming and modern space is, more than ever, crucial. Therefore, the creation of this center became a priority for the HMR for the past several years. As soon as the government gives its approval, the hospital will implement the project.

Thanks to the support of Dominique Michel, spokewoman of the project for 6 years, and the numerous donors of the « J’appuie Dodo » campaign, the HMR Foundation reached and even exceeded its $12 million objective for the creation of the future Integrated Cancer Centre, out of the estimated total of $80 million for this project.

Patients at the future ICC will receive personalized care adapted to their type of cancer, along with cutting-edge treatments developed from medical discoveries, in a single location.

The ICC will house the following departments :

  • chemotherapy,
  • radiation therapy,
  • hematopoietic stem cell transplantation,
  • immunotherapy,
  • cellular therapy,
  • surgical oncology,
  • psychosocial support,
  • art therapy and music therapy,
  • massage therapy and more…

The spaces will be laid out for maximum comfort and well-being, with special emphasis on patient privacy and safety, especially in those with a weakened immune system because of a blood cancer or a transplant.

All about the patient

Inspired by some of the most renowned hospitals in the world, the HMR’s Integrated Cancer Centre will pave the way in the province by assembling so many departments, not to mention research centres, including the Centre of Excellence for Cellular Therapy, under one roof. Patients will be immersed in a continuum of care, innovation, and research in which they will be treated at a single location, without interruption, by a team of professionals who will all work together.

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