The CROIRE Fund: Renewal for the body, mind and soul of cancer patients

The CROIRE Fund offers activities that act as a complement to the traditional medical treatment provided to those affected by cancer. The CROIRE Fund’s mission is to help men and women who are emotionally as well as physically depleted experience their new reality in a better way. In 2017, more than 800 people benefited from a whole range of free activities, workshops and conferences focusing on well-being, self-confidence and fulfilment.

Being true to oneself and to those around us

Whether the topic is nutrition, relationships or sexuality, the CROIRE Fund offers a multitude of conferences on themes that affect the everyday life of people suffering from cancer and of those around them. With support from professionals in the field, they are able to manage their new reality with greater serenity.

Smiling at life

Don’t they say laughter is the best medicine? Participants at the CROIRE Fund laughter yoga workshops are testing this theory. Massage sessions are also offered to patients during their treatment. These are moments of well-being and sheer happiness to awaken their zest for life and reduce the effects of anxiety.

The art of healing or healing through art

At the CROIRE Fund, participants are full partners of their healing process and they are invited to let all of their emotions out during creative workshops. Available to discover: The mandala, a form of colouring that promotes relaxation, singing with the CROIRE choir that performs several times a year and integral Tai Chi, a mix of martial arts and meditation. The only condition to participate in these activities? You must agree to jump in with both feet!


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