Support for the development of cellular therapy

In 2013, with the support of the HMR Foundation, HMR created Quebec’s first Centre of Excellence in Cellular Therapy and Regenerative Medicine.

In so doing, the hospital and its medical teams consolidated their leadership position in Canada in the field of cellular therapy, a medical discipline that has been practiced at HMR since 1980. In 2014, to promote the advancement of research and facilitate the development of stem cell treatments, they created CellCAN, a network that brings together stakeholders from the field to share knowledge and best practices. CellCAN is led by Dr. Denis-Claude Roy, Scientific Director at the HMR Research Centre. In 2016, the HMR Foundation provided CellCAN with $400,000 to support advancements in cellular therapy and the development of personalized stem cell treatments.

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Regenerative Medicine and Cellular Therapy Network (CellCAN)

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