Research project on pediatric leukemia

Thanks to a generous donation from the Cole Foundation, we were able to provide Dr. Frédérick Mallette with $100,000 for his research on pediatric leukemia, Canada’s most pervasive cancer.

His research project deals specifically with acute megacaryoblastic leukemia, which accounts for around 10% of blood cancer cases. This type of leukemia is characterized by genetic anomalies called “oncogenic fusions” which alter normal cellular functions and contribute to the onset of the disease. Unfortunately, the disease’s prognosis is dire: less than 20% of young patients survive more than two years after being diagnosed. Dr. Mallette and his team use cutting-edge molecular and cellular biology techniques, as well as biochemistry techniques, to uncover the causes of this type of leukemia. The ultimate goal is to identify therapeutic approaches to treat this fatal disease affecting children.

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