Physiotherapy: Vital assistance for hospitalized patients

Thank to your contributions, hospitalized patients have access to the equipment they need to maintain maximum movement and functional ability.

Muscle loss is one of the challenges facing people who are hospitalized. The HMR physiotherapy team deals with this issue every day. Each piece of equipment has its function and can make a difference in keeping patients healthy and fit.

Several pieces of equipment1 addressing this need have been acquired thanks to your solidarity:

8 rolls of elastic bands

In rolls, these bands are very convenient for physiotherapists since the elastic can be cut to a length suitable for the patient. These bands are used, among other things, to do stretches. The color indicates the level of resistance of the elastic.

16 pedal exercisers

Engaging motor skills in addition to strength, portable pedal exercisers are multipurpose. They can be put on the feet to simulate the rotation of a bicycle or placed on a table and activated with the hands to train the arms or the upper body.

rolls of elastic bands

pedal exercisers

80 dumbbells

A classic, dumbbells intensify muscle work by adding an additional load. 

64 exercise balls

With these exercise balls, patients can improve their hand grip strength. Easy to use, you just need to squeeze the ball in your hands to strengthen the muscles.


exercise balls

80 personal wrist and ankle weights

These bands of different weights are attached to the patient’s wrists and ankles, allowing for a variety of exercises adapted to his or her physical abilities.

In total, three different kinds of weights were purchased:

  • 32 white weights (1 kg)
  • 32 brown weights (1.5 kg)
  • 16 black weights (2.5 kg)

personal wrist and ankle weights

FHMR ScotiaBank Charity Challenge: For physiotherapy equipment

FHMR ScotiaBank Challenge 2021Run for Dr. François Marquis and the Together for the HMR Fund

This year, the proceeds from the FHMR ScotiaBank Charity Challenge will fund the acquisition of smart pedal exercisers, which enable hospitalized patients to make rotational movements such as on a bicycle.

Support the HMR Foundation teams

Make the difference! The HMR Foundation invites you to run for Dr. François Marquis, head of the Intensive Care Unit and associate professor at the University of Montreal, and for the Together for the HMR Fund.

More on the FHMR Scotiabank Charity Challenge

1 All equipment is thoroughly disinfected between each use.

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