Grateful anatomopathology residents

In 2015, the Foundation funded the enhancement of the Anatomopathology Department’s classroom to the tune of $60,000.

Pathologists play a crucial role in diagnosing disease. Using tissue samples taken from patients, they can identify a medical condition and even its severity. Given that most of their work is done using a microscope, the quality of the optics and ergonomics is primordial. As the following testimonials demonstrate, the Foundation’s support has had a marked impact on residents’ learning.

The department acquired a microscope with a co-observation head that allows me to see what’s under the microscope at the same time as the lead physician. What’s more, a camera was affixed to the microscope to project high-definition images onto a screen. This allows pathologists to explain and demonstrate the reasoning behind their diagnosis for the benefit of a number of residents at the same time.

- Maryam Razmpoosh, resident

The new equipment is ergonomic. That makes a big difference when you spend over 40 hours a week leaning over a microscope.

- Jérémie Berdugo, resident

Thanks to the Foundation’s support, HMR can maintain its leading position as a hospital that delivers high-quality care to the community. This brand-new equipment is a real asset that few hospital departments can boast having, not to mention an excellent magnet for a hospital looking to recruit only the best.

- Marie-Christine Guilbert, resident

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