Grants and advanced training

Every year, the HMR provides care staff with encouragement. In 2016, in addition to enabling 329 people to receive advanced training or attend professional development workshops worth a total of $177,577, the Foundation awarded eight research grants to up-and-coming professionals, as well as eight fellowships for members of the Conseil des médecins, dentistes et pharmaciens, totalling $160,334.

Congratulations to the recipients of this year’s HMR Foundation research grants!

  • Alexandra Beaudry-Richard;
  • Étienne Bénard-Séguin;
  • Achraf Boutayeb*;
  • Dr Tanguy Boutin;
  • Amina Dahmani;
  • Rimi Hamam;
  • Dre Caroline Lamarche*;
  • Charles-Étienne Lebert-Ghali;
  • Dr Jonathan Lévesque;
  • Dr Joannie Lefebvre;
  • Dre Katherine Marchut;
  • Dre Kinda Najem;
  • Lucas Perus;
  • Dr Jean-Sébastien Trépanier
*Two grants received in 2016

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