First in Canada: complete hip replacement surgery in one day

On August 4, 2016, Dr. Pascal-André Vendittoli and his team accomplished quite a feat, performing a complete hip replacement in one day.

Until very recently, this complex surgical procedure meant a five- to six-day hospital stay. This medical breakthrough brings tangible benefits to patients: better pain management, less nausea, tight closure of the wound and preservation of muscular strength. Given the limited side effects of the procedure, patients return home after only a few hours. The medical team estimates that, in the medium term, around 70% of patients will be able to benefit from this medical advance. The Foundation is proud to have contributed $312,790 to this Canadian first.

“I was the first patient to have agreed to take part in this new protocol at HMR and I’m very proud of that. And by doing so, I got to benefit from outstanding care. Only two hours after the surgery, I was able to walk, and I even managed to go up a few stairs that day. And the same day I was operated on, I was able to return to my home in Terrebonne. I didn’t have any side effects like bleeding or nausea and I was just as independent as I was before the operation. I am thrilled with the services I received from Dr. Vendittoli’s talented team at HMR. Thank you! ” François Marien


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