A dummy specially configured for nephrology care

Since January, nephrology nurses at HMR have had a new tool to work with, a $55,000 practice dummy configured for hemodialysis training and paid for by the HMR Foundation.

“Our dummy is perfect for helping nurses acquire vital skills. It can be used to practice all the basic steps of hemodialysis, while also simulating a range of minor complications, particularly those arising with the dialysis machine, or even serious ones, like cardiopulmonary arrest,” explained Dr. Alain Bonnardeaux, Director of Teaching.

Quebec’s first laboratory specializing in nephrology care, the simulation room that houses the dummy has the added benefit of being located in the nephrology care unit. “It’s important for the room to be located where staff actually works,” he explained. “It’s convenient and will become a major part of their daily routine.”

The room was financed with the proceeds of the Nephrology and Its Impact fundraising event. This event, organized every spring for the past seven years by a dedicated volunteer team at the Foundation, takes place in conjunction with the Montreal Impact’s season opener.

The dummy is not just for nurses. It will also give the entire medical team, both doctors and residents, a chance to work through simulated crisis situations in order to learn to work better as a team. A wide range of scenarios are currently being developed.

“This kind of training helps staff acquire skills, while also being highly stimulating. We are very grateful to the HMR Foundation,” said Dr. Bonnardeaux.

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