Development of regenerative medicine and cell therapy

The CellCAN Network’s mission is to bring together stakeholders and mobilize knowledge across Canada to foster the advancement of research and clinical development in the field of regenerative medicine and cell therapy.

In 2018, CellCAN, together with the International Society for Cellular Therapy, organized in Montreal the largest international scientific conference ever held in the field of cell therapy and genetic therapy. During the event, CellCAN also held a pre-conference day of activities and an evening networking event for industry stakeholders. The conference and related activities were a resounding success, attracting more than 1,600 professionals from over 50 countries.

In future, the CellCAN Network will continue to focus its work on:

  • pursuing efforts to raise public awareness of the myths and realities of cell therapy
  • pursuing knowledge sharing among cell and genetic therapy production centres
  • working closely with Health Canada to advance regulatory standards

For many years, the HMR Foundation has been a major partner of the CellCAN Network, which has enabled HMR to remain a global leader in the field of cell therapy.

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