Centre for Commercialization of Cancer Immunotherapy (C3i)

In 2016, one more step was taken in the fight against cancer.

Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada and the Networks of Centres of Excellence of Canada granted $15M to HMR to establish the Centre for Commercialization of Cancer Immunotherapy (C3i).

The Centre will make it possible to develop innovative, non-toxic treatments using immunotherapy to fight cancer. These revolutionary treatments harness the power of the immune system to cure patients, improving their quality of life and reducing the cost of care. By 2025, these treatments could be used in 60% of patients with advanced cancers. The medicine of tomorrow is being developed right here, right now, at HMR!

In 2016, the $500,000 provided by the HMR Foundation enabled the hospital to obtain $15M in subsidies from the Government of Canada and $2.5M from the Government of Quebec, while providing the financial leverage to attract a further $35M in contributions from over 40 industry and university partners. In all, $50M was invested to make this major project possible and to make advances in personalized medicine.

C3i’s activities will be conducted at HMR’s Research Centre and the Centre of Excellence in Cellular Therapy (CETC), whose creation in 2013 was made possible by nearly $9M in support from the HMR Foundation.

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