Cancer and Immune-Based Diseases: A Major Discovery

A significant discovery to benefit cancer patients was revealed by the HMR Research Centre. Supported by his team, Dr. Christopher E. Rudd, Director of Research in Immunology and Cellular Therapy, has identified an important immune system mechanism, which was often a barrier to the efficacy of therapeutic tools to combat cancer.

Because the studies led by Dr. Rudd are of such significant importance in the fight against diseases such as cancer, the HMR Foundation has donated $200,000 to the Immunology and Cellular Therapy Research Centre to fund his research. In increasing the immune response by controlling the ability of T-cells to adhere to another cell, Dr. Rudd’s team has made a major breakthrough in our understanding of the immune system and the way it can be used in the fight against cancer and infections. This discovery will enable the development of treatment approaches that are even more effective.

Beyond scientific discoveries, these breakthroughs provide hope for numerous HMR patients suffering from cancer. The Hôpital Maisonneuve-Rosemont Foundation wishes to thank all of the people who get involved and commit to improving patient care. Your donations are sources of healing!

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Amount Invested

200 000 $