A better way to learn surgical sequences

Endonasal septoplasty and rhinoplasty are two operations performed in otorhinolaryngology, often called “Ear, Nose & Throat” (ENT).

They need to be mastered by residents at the end of their residency at HMR. Until early 2016, this subject matter was very difficult to teach, as the teaching surgeon was unable to watch the operation as it was being carried out inside the patient’s nose. To address this shortcoming, teacher and resident had to trade places constantly. But since a flexible high-definition ENF-VH scope was acquired through a donation from the HMR Foundation, the surgeons’ ability to teach has improved. Installed on a nasal spreader, it transmits the various steps of the operation onto a projection screen in real time. Residents now have a better understanding of the steps the teaching surgeon has to perform at every step of the operation, which increases their sense of security and their confidence when they have to apply the steps themselves. Furthermore, rather than analyzing the resident’s work once the steps have been performed, the teaching surgeon can provide feedback immediately.

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Ear, Nose & Throat

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