Offering a glimmer of hope to women dealing with a relapse of ovarian cancer

Thanks to a contribution from the Fondation Mon Étoile and to the vast expertise of HMR medical teams, patients dealing with a relapse of ovarian cancer now have access to another treatment option. The $16,000 donation enabled the HMR to be the one and only Canadian hospital to take part in an innovative European research project: CHIPOR.

Since April 13, 2018, Dr. Lara De Guerke and her colleague, Dr. Suzanne Fortin, in collaboration with Dr. Pierre Dubé, Dr. Lucas Sideris and Dr. Alexis-Simon Cloutier, have focused their efforts on offering hyperthermic intraperitoneal chemotherapy (HIPEC) to patients dealing with a relapse of ovarian cancer. This treatment consists of delivering chemotherapeutic agents directly to the abdomen after removing cancerous lesions.

To date, three women have benefited from this therapy at the HMR. Although the treatment is still being evaluated, the medical team hopes to extend the control of the disease for their patients’ future. This treatment option represents a ray of hope for these women!

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