5 years of commitment to research

In 2015, HMR’s and the HMR Foundation’s Council of Physicians, Dentists and Pharmacists (CPDP) Fellowship Program turned five.

Aimed primarily at medical residents, the Program seeks not only to support recipients during their subspecialization training, but also to recruit the cream of the crop to practice at HMR. Thanks to these fellowships, future physicians can get solid training and return to HMR with their newly acquired expertise, which is often unique in Quebec. After all, it’s no secret that having the top physicians means being able to deliver the best patient care.

HMR nephrologist Dr. Louis-Philippe Laurin is a prime example of this idea. In 2011, he received a grant that provided the financial leverage he needed to undergo complementary training at a highly specialized learning institution in the United States. There, he honed his knowledge in a leading-edge field of his area of expertise, glomerular diseases. Today, thanks to the training he received, he is able to conduct research and convey his knowledge to residents, while advising other doctors on the best treatments for their patients.

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