Increase teaching capacity in the Medical Biology diagnosis program

Teaching / Medical Biology

Goal : $30,000

The Medical Biology program falls within HMR’s teaching mission.

Every year, doctors and other professionals in the biochemistry, hematology, infectious diseases and medical microbiology, pathology, molecular diagnosis, and cellular therapy laboratories host a large number of resident physicians, fellows, clinical biochemists, and future laboratory technicians on work terms lasting from several weeks to a month in each specialized laboratory.

In order to maximize knowledge transfer, HMR needs to upgrade and, in certain cases, acquire new equipment.

Current situation

The designated work area for residents in the microbiology laboratory does not contain a microscope, which means that residents are always borrowing the technologists’ microscope in the main laboratory, which is already in almost constant use. This results in lost time for everyone. A dedicated microscope for the residents’ work area would make teaching and learning more efficient.

Description of the project

We currently have a microscope that allows two people to view pathology or hematology results at the same time. This microscope is used in departmental and interdepartmental meetings between pathologists and hematologists.

The planned project would involve the purchase of a new microscope that would be connected to a projector, so the image could be viewed on a large screen by everyone in the room. It would be possible to use the existing microscope, but the image would not be up to the standards of today’s HD equipment.

More than new equipment, we need to think bigger. Today’s trend toward online training and assessment is the perfect solution for our Medical Biology program; this type of training could be used to transmit knowledge to our staff and assess their learning.

This new method would allow us to meet the standards of Accreditation Canada for the skills assessment of laboratory staff and would enable us to train a large number of HMR employees in areas such as specimen collection, point-of-care testing, and other cross-disciplinary activities that fall under the responsibility of HMR’s laboratories. A room equipped with six to eight computers and network connections would meet our needs.


By providing residents and physicians with modern equipment and helping to increase the efficiency of skills development and knowledge transfer, you will contribute to the optimization of diagnosis and treatment strategies, which will benefit all patients.

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