Cellular therapy for the treatment of type 1 diabetes

Research / Cellular therapy

Goal : $500,000

Raised : 20%

According to Diabetes Québec, more than 830,000 Québecers live with diabetes; approximately 10% of these cases are type 1.

In order to stay alive, these people must prick their fingers between three and ten times a day (and night) to measure their blood glucose levels. They must also inject themselves with insulin every day.

Although this treatment controls blood glucose levels, it is not a perfect solution, and people with diabetes often develop serious complications such as neuropathy, blindness, and cardiovascular disease.

The goal of the project is to define a new approach to the treatment of type 1 diabetes, which may eventually be used in the later stages of type 2 diabetes to prevent complications.

The researchers at HMR have characterized a new cell type that prevents the destruction of the pancreas in a mouse with type 1 diabetes. The objective of the current project is to define the potential of these cells in clinical studies of the treatment of type 1 diabetes. The first step is to confirm that human cells behave in the same manner as mouse cells, and then to determine the safety of using these cells to treat human patients.

This project will be possible thanks to the proximity of the Centre of Excellence for Cellular Therapy, which is located next to HMR’s Research Centre.

Why donate?

  • To allow researchers at HMR to undertake a clinical study within the next two to three years.
  • To give patients with type 1 diabetes access to a more effective treatment.
  • To reduce the risk of complications for patients with type 2 diabetes.
  • To vastly improve quality of life for all patients.

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