Acquisition of equipment that fosters the discovery of new treatments

Research / Research Centre

Goal : $1,765,000

The HMR Foundation’s support is crucial to the HMR Research Centre! For several years, your generosity has enabled the Foundation to meet growing operational needs, to consolidate assets and to provide the tools required by the researchers to discover highly innovative treatments.

You donation will make a real difference in the care provided over the coming years!



In 2019, The HMR Foundation will contribute to the acquisition of two technical platforms for microscopy and molecular biology as well as of several pieces of medical equipment: an electroporation device, a centrifuge, a freezer, an electrocardiograph, an incubator and more!

Why donate? To enable:

  • Researchers to conduct their research using state-of-the-art equipment;
  • The discovery of new innovative treatments;
  • The ongoing improvement of the healthcare provided at the HMR.

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