Two Gorgeous Terraces Inaugurated at the HMR

On June 7th, we inaugurated the terraces of the HMR’s Maisonneuve and Rosemont pavilions. These terraces are the result of a close collaboration between the Foundation and HMR employees. They helped create this project during the 2015–2016 Campagne Famille, by purchasing tickets for a contest to win a trip. Through this contest, employees raised $46,000, which was matched by the HMR Foundation. At the HMR, generosity is part of our DNA and we wanted to create a reminder that says, “Your help brings life to every space!”

The entire HMR Foundation team was on site, passing out cupcakes to the employees and volunteers who support our efforts. Ophthalmology nurse Sylvie Boulet delivered a vibrant testimonial about the care her family received at the HMR and the importance for her to support our mission.

 “Internal mobilization is crucial to successful fundraising. Your example is an inspiration and a lever for business leaders who then go on to support us as well. Thank you for helping us, thank you for your generosity and especially, thank you for being a source of healing,” said Pierre Nelis, President of the HMR Foundation Board of Directors.

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