Dedicated individuals

Xavier Choquette-Corbeil

Event organizer

Xavier Choquette-Corbeil, François Corbeil, Dre Mottard

Physical education student Xavier Choquette-Corbeil wanted to get involved with Dr. Sophie Mottard and her research on sarcoma at the HMR. In fact, his father, François Corbeil, was treated at the HMR for seven long years. In recognition of the excellent care received by his dad, the young man wanted to dedicate his end-of-internship project at Polyvalente Hyacinthe-Delorme to this research.

This project came to fruition on April 18th as the Cours sur la vie event, at Parc les Salines in Saint-Hyacinthe. The objectives of the race were to raise funds for Dr. Mottard’s research, to raise students’ awareness about the issue of cancer and to offer a message of hope to people suffering from the disease. They readily met these objectives, raising $2650, mobilizing 135 participants and especially doing it all in a warm family ambiance.

In light of this year’s success, Polyvalente Hyacinthe-Delorme physical education teacher and co-organizer of the race Stéphane Charron hopes to make it permanent and mobilize even more people. Thank you for being a source of healing at the HMR.