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The cancer care team

Participants of the Scotiabank Charity Challenge

For the 3rd consecutive year, the cancer care team will take part in the Scotiabank Charity Challenge to benefit the HMR Foundation. Some will walk and some will run. But they will all be striving for the same goal: To support their patients!

In their first two years of participation, the cancer care team raised over $6000. The first year’s donations were used to purchase several specialized cushions to increase the level of comfort of hospitalized transplant patients who have lost weight. In addition, an emergency fund was created to lighten the financial burden associated with the disease that is experienced by certain patients. This was done namely through the offer of gift cards.


“Our patients come to the HMR on a regular basis to receive different treatments. Following a cancer diagnosis, they must focus on getting better and are often obligated to stop working. Our participation in the Challenge enables us to make a real difference in their daily life. We alleviate their financial concerns!”

- Karine Rondeau, team member and HMR Nutritionist


The second year, donations enabled the purchase of refrigerators and furnishings for rooms specially dedicated to long hospital stays. On top of this, the team maintained the emergency fund.

In concrete terms, dozens of patients saw a little improvement in their quality of life at a really critical time thanks to the generosity of the cancer care team.

Thank you very much!

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