Dedicated individuals

Sylvie Boulet, HMR Nurse and her sister, Danielle Boulet

Participants at the À Votre Santé! event

«It all started in 2011 with a desire to support our idol, Dominique Michel. We were attending the event to meet this inspiring woman who survived cancer but also for the pleasure of contributing to such a noble cause. It is a lovely opportunity and a very merry evening! The reason we feel so strongly about this event is because it echoes our own family’s history. First it was our brother-in-law, then our friends and then our respective husbands… We have witnessed cancer at very close range and we believe in supporting the needs of the HMR. Thus, every year, the date of the À Votre Santé! event is reserved in our calendar. And every time we meet with an HMR doctor, we take the opportunity to invite him to buy a ticket. In memory of our missing loved ones and in recognition of the extraordinary and warm care they received, we encourage everyone we know to get involved.»


The À Votre Santé! Event