Dedicated individuals

Raynald Arsenault

HMR retiree and fundraising activity organizer

Raynald Arsenault and Sonia Sasseville

1967: Raynald began his career in the HMR kitchens, never imagining that he would still be walking down the same corridors 51 years later but for a very different reason.

The person who triggered his project was Sonia, a 12-year-old little girl suffering from a serious blood disease. When Raynald saw her, he vowed to do something to help the HMR’s youngest patients in his own way.

In the most humble way, he simply began collecting soda can tabs and bread ties within the HMR, in schools and from his family and friends. “These are tiny everyday objects. Collecting them doesn’t cost anything to anyone. At first, I only collected a few. The first year, I barely raised $50.”

This did not discourage Raynald, who now raises several thousand dollars a year. Since 1994, he has helped raise nearly $60,000 for the Pediatrics and Neonatal unit, enabling the purchase of medical equipment and other items for their young patients.

As for little Sonia, she is all grown up. Saved by the very first bone marrow transplant performed in Quebec, she also found a way to pay it forward. Today, she dedicates her time to caring for others as a nurse… at the HMR.

“I may have inspired Raynald, but it is inspiring people like him that make all the difference. I have fond memories of my stay at the HMR thanks to small kindnesses from employees, like Raynald, who crossed my path. Every person and every gesture is important in some way. Raynald is still the greatest proof of that today!”

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