Patient's stories

Parnell Pierre

HMR patient

On Saturday, April 27, 2019, a light rain, mixed with snow, fell on Montreal and Jean-Drapeau Park, where Parnell is preparing to participate in the Scotiabank Charity Challenge.

Parnell Pierre, Défi caritatif Banque Scotia 2019

It’s cold, but Parnell is happy. Incredibly happy! There he stands with his 10-year-old daughter Alicia at the 1K start line. He’s taking stock of how far he’s come, smiling and enjoying just being there and having the chance to walk with her along with thousands of other runners.

“I’ve received so much love from the Radiation Oncology team. I had to give back.” - Parnell

Flashback. It’s 2016, and Parnell learns that he has a large brain tumour. He will undergo several successful operations. Throughout his hospital stays, he is greatly touched by how caring, supportive and dedicated the entire Radiation Oncology team is. Thus, once his health recovered, he decided to get involved to give back some of the love he received. It is what gave him the desire and the strength
to fight and guided him towards healing.

Today, Parnell is back at work as a financial advisor. In addition to the Scotiabank Charity Challenge, which he wants
to run again with his daughter, this time in the 5K distance, he volunteers with his friends in many environmental and social projects. For example, he sometimes rides a bicycle taxi in the East end of Montreal. He dreams of raising funds for the well-being of HMR patients and would like to organize an event at Bout-de-l’Île Park to showcase the activities that can be done there in winter.