Dedicated individuals

Martin Gauthier

President of Sid Lee

Martin Gauthier found the perfect way to help that combines fun with fundraising

Martin considers that he really won life’s jackpot. And that’s why he feels the need to give back to others. He knows HMR well because that’s where his father Jean-Pierre was hospitalized. While visiting his father, Martin became acutely aware of the hospital’s glaring needs.

Passionate about wine... and people! Five years ago, Martin became chair of the prestigious Montréal Passion Vin event. He spends eight hours a week volunteering: making calls, creating the graphic platform, brainstorming, soliciting, coordinating... the list goes on.

As the head of a seasoned organizing committee, Martin wonderfully fulfils his role as leader and motivator. “I love working with the Foundation’s team. They’re outstanding people who support me and make me better at what I do. And they always do it with determination and a big smile.”

Not surprisingly, Martin gets results: Year after hear, he and his team raise an average of $1 million for the construction of HMR’s future Integrated Cancer Centre!

“Despite the difficulties and government cutbacks, the number of patients continues to rise at a mind-boggling pace. But no one gives up. Everyone uses their philanthropic creativity to implement ambitious projects to help sick people. It’s so inspiring to be part of this movement.”