Dedicated individuals

Marie-Ève Bureau

Étudiante en inhalothérapie


As a sign of concrete support for academic perseverance, the HMR Foundation will award 10 scholarships of $10,000 each to future respiratory therapists who choose to launch their careers at the HMR. For Marie-Ève Bureau, one of the first four scholarship recipients, this is a wonderful acknowledgment as she begins her career.

To me, it’s a huge source of encouragement. I feel the support of all the Foundation donors who believe in me, and I want to thank them with all my heart.Marie-Ève

she knew she wanted to go into the healthcare field. Thanks to a career counsellor, she discovered the respiratory therapy profession. “Like a lot of people, I wasn’t aware of this profession, but the very handson aspect of treating the cardiopulmonary system immediately piqued my interest,” she says. Marie-Ève then enrolled in the respiratory therapy techniques program at Collège de Rosemont.

During her studies, she did some internships at the HMR. She remembers the warm welcome as well as the support and kindness of the teams responsible for guiding her. While her desire to work at the HMR was already taking shape, she found out about an HMR Foundation scholarship program for studies in respiratory therapy. At stake: $10,000 awarded to candidates who demonstrate 
passion and a desire to further their knowledge, and who make a commitment to pursue their profession at the HMR. Marie-Ève seized the opportunity and applied.

When she learned that she had won a scholarship, she felt a tremendous sense of pride, as the road to completing her three years of study had had its share of challenges. This scholarship is the culmination of her career path and gives concrete expression to her desire to join the HMR family, while raising the profile of her chosen profession.