Dedicated individuals

Katia Luciani

The wife of Matthew Schreindorfer, who suffered from acute lymphoblastic leukemia

Katia Luciani is building on the work done by her husband, Matthew Schreindorfer, to facilitate access to cellular therapy treatments

“Matthew always wanted to help others; to help raise the visibility of immunotherapy treatment. It was unthinkable to him that we did not have access to it here in Quebec since it was so widespread elsewhere.”

Making a difference was Matthew’s mission! He mobilized thousands of Quebeckers around his “Help Save Matthew” campaign and took every opportunity to promote his cause, with the support of his wife Katia Luciani.

Thanks to the young couple’s commitment, the public was made aware of the need to develop immunotherapy care in Quebec. Furthermore, Matthew’s story helped Hôpital Maisonneuve-Rosemont (HMR) researchers and doctors paint a better picture of their needs in order to convince investors to support their research projects.

In memory of Matthew, Katia Luciani is pursuing his commitment so that other cancer patients may have access to cutting-edge treatments in Quebec. As the spokeswoman for the Cycling for a Cure event, which raises funds for cellular therapy research at the HMR, she has no intention of stopping along the way in her quest to help save lives. “I promised Matt that I would never stop what we had started, this will be part of his legacy.”