Dedicated individuals

Julie Beaudet

Medical Director, Oncology clinic

Julie Beaudet: unwavering commitment to her patients in the Oncology department

Having served as chief medical officer of the Oncology Program at HMR until 2015, Julie deemed it essential to be involved with the HMR Foundation in order to support the hospital in its mission of excellence. But there was one project in particular that she really wanted to participate in: the future Integrated Cancer Centre (ICC). Julie has dedicated her heart and her vision to the cause over the past three years. Despite a very busy schedule, she set aside at least five hours a month to her volunteering. She was a member of the organizing committees of both the À Votre Santé! event and the Golf Tournament. Sharing the Foundation’s innovative vision, Julie played a vital role in promoting the future ICC by introducing potential major donors to HMR.

Julie is proud to have contributed to the advancement of important causes at HMR: high-quality patient care, teaching and research. “Each year, the Foundation makes it possible to improve patient quality of life and simplify the work of health professionals. The purchase of new chemotherapy treatment chairs for the Oncology Centre is a good example.”

This dedicated physician believes that through her volunteer work, she has been able to meet some extraordinary people from both the business world and the arts. “These people were kind enough to share their experiences with me. Spending time with them has given me so much.”