Donor's stories

Julie and Marie-Ève D’Amours

Daughters of a patient

For the D’Amours family, nothing is more important than trust

Every day, some 50 patients undergo chemotherapy treatments in the HMR Oncology Department. Those receiving these treatments sometimes have to spend as much as eight hours sitting down. The HMR  Foundation appealed for donations in order to purchase new treatment chairs that can better accommodate patients’ needs. Hundreds of donors contributed to the campaign and as a result, the needs have been met... at least for now. We’d like to thank these donors from the bottom of our hearts!

Fondation DAmours was also drawn to the cause and donated $200,000 for the purchase of the chairs. Their act of generosity was no accident: the mother of the D’Amours family developed cancer in 2003 and was treated at HMR for six long years. Her daughter, Julie D’Amours, explains: “We knew our mother was in good hands. The extraordinary oncology team cared for her, never gave up, supported her and was at her side the whole time. For our mother, the HMR medical team played a vital role and enabled her to beat the prognosis she was given.”

The D’Amours family became painfully aware of how urgently these chairs were needed. “Patient comfort is crucial,” said Julie’s sister Marie-Ève. “With hospitals overflowing, not feeling like a number is a feeling you can’t put a price on. What really stuck in our minds and hearts was the team’s human side,” said the sisters.