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Herbert Black

Businessman and philanthropist

Herbert Black: when a major gift becomes a source of achievement

Businessman and philanthropist, Herbert Black believes so strongly in the power of cellular therapy that he donated $2.5 million to support the creation of HMR’s Centre of Excellence for Cellular Therapy.

“Herbert is a model for everyone to follow in the field of philanthropy. He gives regularly, attends all kinds of events, and even tops his own donations! He set the bar high with his contribution to the Centre of Excellence for Cellular Therapy. The entire team is grateful for his confidence in them, and they’ve proven worthy of it by achieving results that exceed expectations,” said Jean Laurin, Chairman of the Foundation’s Board of Directors, and Alain Bouchard, Executive Chairman of Couche-Tard. “Much more than just his vision as a businessman, he’s shone a bright light on the project,” added Denis Roy, Director of the Centre of Excellence for Cellular Therapy. “He brought incredible resources, but also tremendous energy and motivation, to the project.”

Leveraging on Mr. Black’s initial donation, the HMR Foundation was able to raise $60 million to build the Centre.