Dedicated individuals

Hakima Benyoucef

Nurse Endoscopist

Every time Hakima provides patient care, support, comfort and reassurance, she is filled with a deep sense of accomplishment. She has been practising at the HMR for 16 years and her passion for the field and for her patients is still just as strong.

“What I like most about my job is the relationship of trust that I build with each patient. A relationship founded on humanity, empathy and honesty.”

In addition, the thing that enables Hakima to excel at her job is being able to remain current with the best practices in endoscopy. Since 2014, thanks to professional development and continuing education programs, she, and several of her colleagues, have had the opportunity to regularly attend symposiums, conferences and training sessions that ensure she is always on the cutting-edge in her field.

For one day, she steps away from the frantic pace of everyday life to take stock of her practice and enjoy the shared love and knowledge of her field with some of her peers. For one day, she steps away from her patients to provide even better care upon her return.

“The training sessions provide an opportunity to get together outside of the usual framework. They enable us to engage in discussions as a team and with other professionals for the well-being of our patients. Endoscopy is a field where technology is very present. Continuing education is the most effective way to harmonize our practices and techniques with
ongoing advancements and changes in the field. When I get back to my patients, I’m in an even better position to provide them with the best care.”

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