Dedicated individuals

Frechette family, dedicated volunteer

«For us, it all started in 2011. We were invited to volunteer at an HMR activity by a member of our family who was working there. We enjoyed the experience so much that we never hesitated to volunteer our time again.

Volunteering just makes sense to us. We are fortunate to be in good health and to have time as we are retired. We are very aware that many people become ill every year, unfortunately. There is no doubt about it; this is a cause that deserves our support!

For this reason, the four of us, all brothers and sisters, remain involved with the HMR Foundation. Volunteering has always been important to our family. Our parents’ example compels us to carry on.

Every year, when they unveil the amount raised by the Montréal Passion Vin event, we feel immense pride having contributed to making it happen. The ambiance, camaraderie with other volunteers and the enjoyment of taking part in the organization…»