Dedicated individuals

Dr. Marion Dubuissez

Postdoctoral fellow and grant recipient

Marion DubuissezSince January 2019, Marion has been part of Dr. Heather Melichar’s team in immunology-oncology. It was her passion and curiosity that led her to do a second postdoctoral fellowship with the aim of developing the first preclinical model, in mice, of a highly lethal leukemia.

The HMR Foundation recently awarded her a grant of more than $30,000 to fund her research.

With this support, she can concentrate on her work, without worrying about monetary issues. 

Daily, Marion tries to reproduce, as faithfully as possible, a particularly aggressive form of leukemia mostly found in children. Upon conclusion of her research, she hopes to have a model so like that of humans that it could be used to identify new therapeutic targets and test new drugs. It is the first step leading to clinical trials in humans and experimental treatments, and eventually a cure for patients. These stages of research are essential and unfortunately sometimes forgotten, hence the importance of funding. 

We are lucky at the HMR. We are empowered by the HMR Foundation. As an intern, you feel supported by the Foundation and the Research Centre. It’s an enriching place that allows us to flourish.Marion

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