Dedicated individuals

Denis Berthiaume

Senior Executive Vice-President and Chief Operating Officer, Desjardins Group

Denis Berthiaume: mindful of the hospital’s role caring for a vulnerable population

Denis Berthiaume was born at Hôpital Maisonneuve-Rosemont. Years later, while visiting the hospital, he witnessed one of the little miracles that happen on a daily basis. From that moment on, he was won over by the staff’s dedication and the high quality of the work they do. As a director at Desjardins, he is leveraging his organization’s reputation for the benefit of the Foundation and HMR to help raise awareness of this little-known gem and the essential role it plays for the substantial population base of east-end Montreal.

Since 2013, Denis has co-chaired the Foundation’s major fundraising campaign, whose objective is to raise $50 million over five years. “As co-chair, I established the fundraising campaign cabinet and I solicit donations from various key players in Montreal. These are opportunities to praise the accomplishments of the Foundation and the hospital, not to mention the inspiring projects that will come to life thanks to the funds raised by the major campaign.”

Denis dedicates a few hours a week to his volunteer work. He describes the experience as deeply human, rich and stimulating. “The Foundation’s team is so supportive. Its energy and capacity for action make my experience extremely gratifying.”

“My personal commitment to the Foundation and HMR strengthens the values of sharing and caring that I hold dear. My volunteer work reflects the social values I want to promote, both on a personal level and in my work at Desjardins.”