Dedicated individuals

Clarisse Defer

Clinical Psychologist, HMR

Being told you have cancer is a shock and it is not uncommon for certain people to suffer from anxiety and depression. A decade ago, HMR clinical psychologist Clarisse Defer tasked herself with the mission of helping patients live better with the disease.

Supported by an HMR Foundation scholarship, Clarisse was able to broaden her knowledge and propose a new perception of psychotherapy: Acceptance and commitment therapy.

 “Acceptance and commitment therapy does not oppose traditional approaches. Its primary objective is not to reduce symptoms, but rather to find tips and tricks to stay in the moment and accept our emotions, thoughts and feelings.”

Research is already demonstrating the effectiveness of this therapy, especially to control anxiety and mood disorders as well as chronic pain.

“Thanks to your donations, we can lead our patients down a better path to a cure. Thank you!”