Dedicated individuals

Ariane Desrochers

Nurse Practitioner, HMR Neonatal Unit

There are so many great ways to support the HMR Foundation. HMR Neonatal Unit nurse practitioner Ariane Desrochers figured this out when she sold cream fudge to her friends and colleagues!

Last November, Ariane wanted to set up a fundraiser for her department.

“The idea came to me on World Prematurity Day. During the week, the Neonatal Unit team carried out an awareness-raising campaign to let people know about the actions that are taken every day at the HMR to increase preterm babies’ chances of survival.”

Why choose cream fudge?

“Most people love it and it is a great way to bring people together, especially during the holidays.”

Ariane sold no fewer than 360 boxes of cream fudge, raising $1200 for a project that aims to adapt the care provided to preterm babies at the HMR in order to foster their well-being and development, while training their parents who will offer the same care at home.

“THANK YOU to my family for their help. Without them, my project would never have been so successful!”


Are you feeling inspired by Ariane’s initiative?

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