Dedicated individuals

Anthony Haddad

Validation Specialist, HMR Centre of Excellence for Cellular Therapy

Validation Specialist at the HMR Centre of Excellence for Cellular Therapy, Anthony Haddad really enjoys boxing! Eleven years ago, Anthony slipped on a pair gloves to get in shape. Now, he wants to fight for those who are fighting for their life!

 “I am very privileged to work in an environment where a true revolution is underway: Cellular therapy. Used to cure a great number of diseases, regenerative medicine represents the hope of a cure for thousands of patients here (at the HMR) and nationwide. This medical breakthrough fascinates and inspires me. For this reason, I wanted to get involved with the HMR Foundation to launch a fundraising campaign dedicated to cellular therapy. Donations will help us reach even greater heights.”

Anthony’s goal is to raise $3000 thanks to the generosity of those around him. In addition, Anthony is hoping to organize a boxing match with proceeds also going to the cause.  


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