Dedicated individuals

Nicolas Dugal

Son of Marie-Claire Langlois, HMR Patient

Over the years, Nicolas has seen his mom beat several cancers. Four years ago, another verdict was delivered: Cancer of the peritoneum. Marie-Claire Langlois was hospitalized and cared for here, at the HMR. An operation enabled her to prolong her life and to meet the loveliest people: her grandchildren.

Nicolas’ dad, Ludger, introduced his son and several other family members to running. Some of them have even run marathons! The Scotiabank Charity Challenge is the perfect activity for a family of runners who wish to get involved as a way to acknowledge the care they received at the HMR.

“According to the specialists, my mother needed the operation to survive. It was major surgery followed by a long recovery period, but she received such nurturing care at the HMR! My father, my spouse, my kids and myself are all taking part in the Scotiabank Charity Challenge to give back in our own way. Now that my children understand their grandmother’s illness, it is crucial that we include them in this grand project. Between now and Challenge day, we hope to add six more members to our team and raise $3500 in donations for the HMR Foundation. We want to thank the HMR medical team, improve patient care and foster research efforts in honour of my mother and for future patients.”

As we write these lines, Nicolas’ mom is receiving palliative care.

“We don’t know how long she has. So, it is vital for us to honour her battle today, while she is alive.”


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