Sources of motivation

They clearly understand their role in the great chain of solidarity. They believe in the importance of encouraging gestures of sharing and support to advance patient care, research, and teaching at HMR, one step at a time.

Their stories are sure to inspire you to get involved yourself!

Marie-Claire Hélie

“The HMR is so dear to my heart. I would never turn my back on it, especially since I have witnessed the fruits of my donations.”

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Frechette family, dedicated volunteer

«Volunteering has always been important to our family.»

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Alexandra Yelle

Even today, I still can’t believe it: my life was saved thanks to a perfect stranger’s stem cells! Not long ago, I didn’t even know it was possible, yet today, these advanced treatments have given me a new lease on life... or rather, given me my life back.

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Thérèse Ouimet

One last act, to ensure that life goes on

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Si Yuan

I still remember my doctor's smile when my parents told him that they had kept some blood from my sister's umbilical cord.

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Dr Benoit Loranger

«I created the Fonds Antoine Loranger to realize my son's dream.»

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André Papineau

The most amazing part of this story is that it is one of my sisters, Lucie, who saved me. It's almost surreal: all the blood cells in my body have been replaced by my sister’s thanks to a bone marrow allotransplant.

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Sylvie Boulet, HMR Nurse and her sister, Danielle Boulet

“This is the 7th year we’ve attended the À Votre Santé! event and we will continue to support this cause because we believe in it!"

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Francine Ducas et Maryse Bouchard

Francine Ducas & Maryse Bouchard

Francine Ducas and Maryse Bouchard have organized the Défi Cyclo-Myélome since 2013.

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