Sources of motivation

They clearly understand their role in the great chain of solidarity. They believe in the importance of encouraging gestures of sharing and support to advance patient care, research, and teaching at HMR, one step at a time.

Their stories are sure to inspire you to get involved yourself!

Denyse Pharand-L’Écuyer et Bernard L’Écuyer

To make a deep and lasting contribution to the wellbeing of their community. That is what motivates and brings happiness to Denyse Pharand-L’Écuyer and Bernard L’Écuyer, both of whom have been retired for some years now.

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Robert Moreau and Nathalie Boyer-Moreau

My children and I wanted to make this legacy to honor the memory of my husband, their father

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Irène aubin

« I owe HMR an eternal debt of gratitude for the remarkably compassionate care I received! »

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Marc Onana - patient HMR

Marc Onana

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Philippe Gravel - patient covid-19 - soins intensifs Hôpital Maisonneuve-Rosemont | HMR | FHMR

Philippe Gravel

“I owe my life to dr marquis and the entire intensive care team. I’m eternally grateful to them!”

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Marie-Eve Bureau, futur inhalothérapeute. Boursière FHMR

Marie-Ève Bureau

« C’est une immense marque d’encouragement. Je ressens l’appui de tous les donateurs de la FHMR qui croient en moi et je tiens à les remercier chaleureusement »

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Guy Paquette - donateur de la Fondation HMR

Guy Paquette

To honour his wife memory and respect her wishes, Guy is making a major donation in recognition of the outstanding care she received. 

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Evelyne Rousseau, patiente de l'Hôpital Maisonneuve-Rosemont, cancer du sein

Evelyne Rousseau

We all know someone who has been diagnosed with cancer, but we never imagine that we could be the one that draws the wrong number…

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Sandie Oberoi, survivante du cancer du sein

Sandie Oberoi

It’s true what they say: When someone tells you that you have cancer, your life turns upside down. You make plans and then, BANG, it hits you.

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