Reprogram history

Every day, stem cell treatments change lives.

Why give?

The campaign goal is to help accelerate the development of stem cell treatments at HMR so that more patients can benefit from it faster.

Significant and sustained means are needed to harness the full potential of stem cell therapy. We are seeking:

  • More space
  • More equipment
  • More researchers

By giving, you will be offering more than hope. Every day, you will be helping to reprogram history and stories, yours, your loved ones’ and those of future generations.


"It is especially important for me to support this campaign because every day at the HMR, lives are changed. Through intelligence, dedication, involvement and donations, we can all work together to reprogram history."

Patrice L'Écuyer

TV host and HMR Foundation spokesperson.

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Give to change the stories of more lives

Nearly 50% of people are affected by cancer. While many do not respond to conventional treatments, stem cell therapy can save patients who would otherwise succumb.

Today, thanks to their breakthroughs, HMR researchers are already able to use the inherent potency of stem cells to treat a range of cancers and are looking to cure other diseases that are currently incurable, such as renal and ocular disorders, diabetes or Alzheimer's disease.

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I was given back my life

"Even today, I still can’t believe it: my life was saved thanks to a perfect stranger’s stem cells! Not long ago, I didn’t even know it was possible yet today, these advanced treatments have given me a new lease on life... or rather, given me my life back."

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Let’s join forces!

Whether affected by the disease or not, it’s impossible to remain unimpressed by the expertise of HMR physicians and researchers and their spectacular cell therapy discoveries. We need to invest right now in what is arguably the greatest medical advance of our century.

Together with you, we commit ourselves to the HMR Foundation and the successful completion of this fundraising effort. Together, we will go further, faster, for HMR’s patients and all Quebecers!

Co-chairs of the fundraising campaign

Sandra Chartrand, President, Fondation Sandra and Alain Bouchard
Laurent Ferreira, Executive Vice-President and Co-Head, Financial Markets, National Bank 

Big donations for big breakthroughs

Visionary Emeritus - $ 2,250,000 and more

  • Anonymous Donor

Great Visionary - $ 2,000,000 to $ 2,249,999

Visionary - $ 1,000,000 to $ 1,999,999

  • Power Corporation

Gold Builder - $ 500,000 to $ 999,999

  • Hydro Quebec
  • The Trottier Family Foundation
  • Félix Furst

Silver Builder - $ 100,000 to $ 499,999

  • Laurent Ferreira and Leslie Silver
  • Carole Epstein Foundation

Gold Ambassador - $ 50,000 to $ 99,999

  • Pierre Nelis
  • The Alan and Roula Rossy Family Foundation