FHMR ScotiaBank Charity Challenge 2021

FHMR ScotiaBank Charity Challenge 2021

Dr Marquis, chef de service des soins intensifs de l’HMR

16,00 thank you! 

Together, we raidsed $ 16,603! 

The amount raised, supplemented by the Together for the HMR Fund, will enable the hospital’s physiotherapy department to acquire a smart pedal exerciser.

Read FHMR ScotiaBank Charity Challenge: $ 16,600 for HMR’s patients


From April 23 to June 14


Your favorite running track

How do I register for the virtual race?

Registration process - Read the instructions well, it will make everything easier

Step 1: Choose your distance(s)

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Step 2: Fill out the registration form

  • Sub-event Section: Validate the selected distance.
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  • Questions Section: Answer the various compulsory questions.
  • Scotiabank Charity Challenge Team / Équipes du Défi Caritatif de la Banque Scotia Section: Select one of the options below:

To join the HMR Foundation team

  1. Check “I’d like to join an official Scotiabank Charity Challenge team / J’aimerais rejoindre une équipe officielle du Défi Caritatif de la Banque Scotia”
  2. Choose the “Fondation de l’Hôpital Maisonneuve-Rosemont” team

Joindre l'équipe de la Fondation HMR

To create your team for the benefit of the HMR

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Créer son équipe

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Step 3: Accept the different discharges

Step 4: Verify Scotiabank Employee Status

Step 5: Purchase gift registrations, if desired

Step 6: Donate

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Step 7: Proceed to checkout

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How to access your fundraising page?

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  2. Enter the email and password used during your registration.

Register to the ScotiaBank Charity Challenge

The HMR Foundation will receive a donation of $5 from the Scotiabank Charity Challenge’s organizers for each registration made by way of this link. 

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