The Radiation Oncology Team Is Doing It for the Patients

It takes meetings, discussions and a lot of motivation to mobilize some 13 people around a single cause. The one who took on this challenge is Luc Raymond, the captain of the HMR Radiation

Oncology team that will be running in the Scotiabank Charity Challenge on April 21 and 22. The group of colleagues is raising funds to fit up a waiting room inside the HMR, “beside the piano donated by the Croire Fund”, explains Luc Raymond, who wishes to make it “a warm and welcoming space that is conducive to exchanges and socializing. We also want patients to think of the hospital as a space that is full of life and hope rather than a place of illness and suffering.” The team has set up several fundraising activities within the department over the past few weeks. Employee support is a great source of motivation!

Their motivation is unflagging: “Most of our participants are running enthusiasts at some level. Some of them regularly run during their meal break, even in wintertime. […] We frequently see a group of 3 or 4 people head off for a 30 to 40-minute run several times a week.”

“The team’s athletes, those who are used to running, have chosen to register for the 5 km or the 10 km race in order for the team to be all together,” opting for fun rather than competition. The Challenge offers “an excellent opportunity to rally around an engaging, joint project outside of the usual context of work”, concluded Luc Raymond.

Many thanks to the Radiation Oncology team for their investment, they have our unflagging support. Remember: They are doing it for us!

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