The Carole Epstein Foundation Donates $115,000 for the Health of Generations of Women


Ovarian cancer is a silent killer.  It slips into a woman’s life without warning.  The symptoms go unnoticed or are mistaken for other minor afflictions.

Ovarian cancer is destructive. The survival rate following a relapse is not favourable. This is the disease that struck the life of Carole Epstein, a woman of energy and vision. After 8 years of multiple treatments and surgeries, she passed away at age 59.

 “Carole lived all of her life – including her struggle with ovarian cancer – with passion and self-reliance. She took advantage of all that was offered: Going to cancer seminars, discussion groups, researching the disease and being her own best advocate.” – Carole Epstein Foundation

By leaving a Foundation as her legacy, Carole Epstein understood the power of donations and research to offer a better future to generations of woman affected by ovarian cancer. Since her passing in 2004, the Foundation Carole Epstein has kept her memory alive and continues her vision.

Among the initiatives supported by the Foundation, the CHIPOR project was an obvious one. Through a donation of $15,000, the Carole Epstein Foundation will support the clinical research project being carried out by the Hôpital Maisonneuve-Rosemont (HMR) Gynecological Oncology team that aims to offer a new treatment protocol to patients dealing with a relapse of ovarian cancer.

And that’s not all… Although the Carole Epstein Foundation has prioritized research into this type of cancer, it is well aware that several medical avenues are very promising. One of them is cellular therapy-related research and its clinical applications that have flourished at the HMR since the opening of the Centre of Excellence for Cellular Therapy in 2012.

Breakthroughs made at the HMR in this field provide researchers with the certainty that they will soon be able to cure a multitude of diseases that were incurable until now. The Carole Epstein Foundation has joined forces with the HMR Foundation to make it happen faster by supporting Dr. Denis Claude Roy’s revolutionary research in gene therapy with a $100,000 donation.

By choosing to support those projects, the Carole Epstein Foundation is joining a team of devoted health professionals and researchers who are doing all they can so that patients can benefit from the best care and the most promising treatments.


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