Subvention TD Scholarships: 14 Members of the Next Generation of Nurses Get a Healthy Financial Boost

On March 28, 2018, the Subvention TD pour les techniques infirmières et la formation en sciences infirmières de l’HMR scholarships were awarded. Thanks to the commendable gesture of our partner TD Bank Group, this was a celebration day for 14 recipients who are committed to ongoing knowledge development and for whom the scholarships represent an invaluable source of support.

For the past 15 years, TD Bank Group and the HMR Foundation have shared a special relationship based on a common objective: To foster knowledge and skills development among HMR nursing staff. The scholarship program was launched in 2012 when TD Bank Group made a $250,000 donation to foster the ongoing improvement of healthcare staff skills, consequently enhancing patient care at the HMR.

“Highly prestigious recognition,” “encouragement to persevere,” “a stepping stone toward getting a diploma and bringing projects to fruition”… To date, 150 students have benefited from this exceptional support, viewing it not only as relief of a financial burden, but also as an opportunity to reach their full potential.

The HMR Foundation is thrilled to support the professional development of these 14 scholarship winners and wishes to congratulate the 2018 recipients who stood out for their determination!

2018 Recipients


  • Fabienne De Witte
  • Aurélie Fossette
  • Evelyn Béatriz Gomez Ramos
  • Marie-Christine Juneau



  • Émilie Chapados
  • Darie Chouinard-Moisan
  • Frédéric Guérette
  • Annie Héon
  • Valérie Joly
  • Kim Phung Lo
  • Sherley Rosemonde Pierre
  • Lyudmyla Pshevorskiy
  • Julie Robert



  • Catherine Hupé

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