Roberto Voerzio: The Most Beautiful Parcels of Land in Barolo

Roberto Voerzio’s influence vastly exceeds the borders of his native Piedmont. Today, with over 20 hectares in production, the single plot vintages from the Roberto Voerzio estate have gained cult status and are sought after throughout the world. Montréal Passion Vin is honoured to present, for the first time in Quebec, a sampling of its very best wines.

Seconded by his son Davide and early collaborator Cesare Bussolo, Roberto Voerzio stands apart with high density plantation (8000 to 11,000 vines/ha, whereas the average in Piedmont is 4000 vines/ha). Though he does not mention it, Robert Voerzio opts for an organic approach and mainly practises obsessive management of the vine. Roberto Voerzio’s objective is to drastically reduce each vine’s yield in an absolutely natural way.

Over a period of 30 years, the Roberto Voerzio Estate has succeeded in acquiring small vineyards of each of Barolo’s and La Morra’s most prestigious crus. Unfined and unfiltered, these wines represent a synthesis of finesse, texture and flavour combined with the outstanding power of Barolo terroirs. This tasting promises to be over the top!


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