Patrick Boulé, Involved for Alexandre and for all of the HMR’s little patients

Alexandre, the son of Patrick Boulé and Kira Zoellner, was born prematurely in November 2016. He came into the world 13 weeks too early. He weighed barely 1.08 kg (2 lb), nearly four times less than the average weight of a full-term baby. Weakened by very immature lungs, the team of neonatologists turned to extreme technology to treat Alexandre: A tube was passed between his vocal chords into his lungs, enabling him to breathe mechanically.

Patrick and Kira watched their tiny baby be intubated and extubated three times during the first 12 days of his life, before staff was able to use a less invasive technology to help him breathe. At 17 days old, he was finally stable enough for his parents to hold him in their arms for the very first time!

Fortunately, little Alexandre benefited from excellent care in the HMR Neonatal unit, which can receive preemies as of 25 weeks gestation. Realizing how lucky they were and wishing to help the HMR’s youngest patients and their parents, Patrick and Kira launched a fundraising project for the Neonatal unit.

Together and with everyone’s support, their objective is to purchase a neonatal fiberoptic video endoscope. This $44,132 technology will make it easier to intubate babies like Alexandre. Patrick and Kira greatly need your support to improve the care provided to these extremely premature infants and to enable the purchase of this equipment that will save the HMR’s littlest patients.

In addition to his commitment to the Neonatal unit, last June, Patrick Boulé joined the HMR Foundation Board of Directors. A great example of goodwill toward others!

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