Opération Enfant Soleil: The Organization Renewing Its Support With a very generous Donation

In 2018, Opération Enfant Soleil made a very generous donation to the Hôpital Maisonneuve-Rosemont Foundation. A cheque for $48,782 was delivered to the Hôpital Pierre LeGardeur on March 29th. This donation will enable the purchase of 18 syringe pumps to safely administer medication to our littlest patients. As all 35 syringe pumps needed to be replaced, the remain 17 were financed by Les Amis de Jean-François. The money donated by Opération Enfant Soleil will also enable the Foundation to buy 10 otoscopes and ophthalmoscopes, both highly valuable tools in Pediatrics.

A donation that is a source of healing and for which the Foundation is grateful and deeply thankful to Opération Enfant Soleil. 

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