Only 17 and already a philanthropist

Last year, Anne-Sophie Roy, a student in her final year of high school, ran a useful project that allowed her to give to others. Given her natural attachment to Hôpital Maisonneuve-Rosemont (HMR), where her mother works in the gynecology unit, Anne-Sophie decided to take up the cause of newborns.

She gathered information on the neonatal unit’s most pressing needs and decided to raise funds to purchase an LED headlamp used to resuscitate babies. This piece of equipment is vital to the survival of some newborns at HMR.  

To raise the needed funds, Anne-Sophie sold Christmas cards and home-made desserts. Once an online fundraising website had been created, she was able to count on the support of her loved ones, friends and employees of the neonatal unit. Thanks to their generosity, Anne-Sophie was able to raise an impressive $3,665, which went toward purchasing the equipment. Today, that equipment is being used in HMR’s neonatal unit and is helping to save lives.

On behalf of HMR’s youngest patients and their families, the HMR Foundation wishes to extend a heartfelt thanks to Anne-Sophie for her amazing generosity. We wish her the best of success in one of her next undertakings in particular: becoming a doctor and contributing even more to patient well-being.

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