Once Again this Year, Mona Is doing it for Us!

Mona Petitpas, Head of the Neurology Unit, will be lacing up her sneakers once again for the 2018 edition of the Scotiabank Charity Challenge. Thanks to the funds they collected last year, she and her colleagues were able to carry out a project that was very dear to their hearts. This year, she is back with her team and they are even more motivated to outdo themselves.

“When I ran in the 2017 race, I was very proud of making a difference for the patients in the Neurology Department. I was that much more motivated because I knew that all the money we raised by running the race would have a direct impact on the Neurology Unit.

At the time, we had identified a project that was greatly beneficial to stroke patients. Through the purchase of several iPads that help to stimulate patients and accelerate healing, we are able to begin early rehabilitation while they wait for a spot in a rehabilitation facility. Without the Scotiabank Challenge, we would probably still be waiting for funding for this project…

Again this year, it is important for me to run so I can raise funds that will continue to benefit our Neurologypatients. Moreover, it is such a unifying event, and a truly unique team building opportunity! We feel a lot of pride because we are doing it for a cause, especially when the impact is so direct and concrete.”

̶  Mona Petitpas, Head of the Neurology Unit and Scotiabank Charity Challenge participant

Join Mona and take the challenge on April 21st or 22nd

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